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People with a learning disability are more like to be sexually abused than other people (Allington-Smith et al. 2002 - begins with a blank page)(Cooke and Sinason 1998 - begins with a blank page) and unfortunately can be targeted by people who have taken jobs where they have access to them.

Sexual abuse can include: being encouraged to look at pornography, making sexual suggestions or comments, or sexual acts where the individual has not consented, or could not consent or was pressured into consenting (Abuse doc – Bristol uni).






What behaviour signs do you need to watch for?

Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse which include sexualized behavior, sleep disorders, anxiety, self harm etc. and factors which make a person with learning difficulties more likely to suffer the abuse. These include communication difficulties and lack of knowledge, understanding and self esteem (Allington-Smith et al. 2002).

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