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5th June 2013

A celebration of Karen's life was held at All Saints Parish Church in Glossop followed by a buffet at Peruga at Woodheys. The theme of the day was butterflies. Butterflies were put in the flower arrangements, on the service sheet and were a theme for the entire service. Women wore bright and pretty clothes which included some item that related to butterflies. There were many people who knew Karen from being a baby but also friends who got to know her later. Some people had attended after reading about it in the paper. Although All Saints is a large church it was full. The people who could (which was most people) then went on to Peruga where they enjoyed a chat, lovely food and a beautiful view from the windows. The whole day was beautiful and a fitting tribute to Karen.






9th June 2013

Karen's day for the celebration of her life raised £200 for cancer research! Thanks to everyone for your donations xx



16th June 2013

There is now a Karen's Page Twitter page:


Please follow us!


28th June 2013

The House of Lords is investigating whether the Mental Capacity Act 2005 is fit for purpose. The interpretation of this act made it difficult for social services to take decisions about Karen due to its tight guidelines. In my opinion it is not fit for purpose....



7th July 2013

Good review about the different therapies available for HER2 positive breast cancer. Notes the benefits of combination therapy - Great diagram. Wish the therapies could be fasttracked clinically especially for those with metastatic cancer.

Murphy 2012 Recent advances in novel targeted therapies for HER2+ breast cancer


12th July 2013

People with learning disabilities are still experiencing poor care and face unacceptable inequalities in health and social care and this needs to change, two government reports have said. Mencap have reacted by saying "The Confidential Inquiry showed that over a third (37%) of deaths of people with a learning disability was due to them not getting the right health care. How many more deaths at the hands of the NHS do there need to be before the Government takes this issue seriously?”

Here is a link to the article in Learning Disability Today:

Learning Disability Today article


23rd July 2013

A wristband sceme has been launched in Doncaster to alert medical staff which alerts them to vital information to help them care for people with learning difficulties. This is a step in the right direction towards improving health care for people with learning difficulties.

Learning Disability Today article


24th July 2013

An easyfundraising page has been set up for Karen's Page. You can shop at your favourite shops and they will make a donation to Karen's page

easyfundraising - Karen's Page


11th August 2013

Interview with Mark Neary

Here's an interview with Mark Neary about the deprivation of Liberty orders (DOLs) on his son Steven - very interesting.....

Mark Neary's interview


14th August 2013

Article in "Community Care"

Social work practice with carers 'lacks clarity and consistency'

Carers' assessments uncommon and seldom used to inform service users' support plans, finds government-funded research:

Community Care article


19th August 2013

Article in "Learning Disability Today"

Support providers need to focus not just on people with learning disabilities, but their families as well, says Certitude’s Aisling Duffy.

Learning Disabilty Today article


11th September 2013

Article in "Community Care"

Group living inhibits social inclusion for people with learning disabilities says David Williams, chief executive of Ability Housing Association

It is better for a person with learning difficulties to have their own home with family visiting, staying etc with privacy than group living....

Community Care article


22nd September 2013

Luke Clements

I saw a talk given by Luke Clements last week - he is a really funny knowledgeable man - a great suthority on community care....

Luke Clements


25th September 2013

Article in Learning Disability Today

In written evidence to a House of Lords select committee scrutinising the Mental Capacity Act 2005, Jan Flawn, founder of neurological care provider PJ Care, says radical changes need to be made to ensure people are protected. Flawn wants new guidelines brought in to ensure only a qualified consultant psychiatrist is allowed to make capacity assessments.

Learning Disability Today article


15th October 2013

Article in "Community Care"

Supported living services may receive tougher regulation in CQC shake-up

Hopefully this will improve things for people with learning difficulties in supported living.....

Community Care article


18th October 2013

Law Society to House of Lords Committee

The Law society are asking for better training for social workers on mental capacity (MCA 2005) and deprivation of liberty (DOLS) assessments....

Law Society Document


21st November 2013

Community Care Article

GPs to oversee social care for vulnerable patients under contract changes, says Hunt

Family doctors will “case manage proactively” patients with complex needs by developing and regularly reviewing personalised care plans that will cover health and social care needs, under their contract for 2014-15

Community Care Article



For people with intellectual disability




30th January 2014

The first snowdrop in Karen's memorial flower trough


14th February 2014

Framework agreement between DH and NHS England

This Framework hopefully will help with difficulties such as those which developed over Karen through improvements in communication, coordination and cooperation between different services -one of the principles set out is:

"Working together openly and positively. This will include working constructively and collaboratively with other organisations within and beyond the health and social care system".

Agreement Policy Document



13th March 2014

Vulnerable adults are being kept virtual prisoners in care homes because of misuse of mental health laws, a House of Lords committee says.

The House of Lords Committee reports on misuse of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 - this article mentions Steven Neary's case. There needs to be a change in this law, repeal and/or proper training of those implementing it.......

BBC Article

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