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It is planned that LBBill will go before parliament

This Bill, #LBBill, aims to shift the power into the hands of the disabled person and their families, so in the future, if the State decides the person cannot live in their own home, they must seek court permission to carry out their plan. We hope, this law will also help all those people currently trapped in institutions as a means of being released from their detention, into a home of their own.

A Facebook page has been set up: #LBBill, as a meeting space to discuss plans to turn the idea of a Bill that has a statutory assumption that a person lives in their own home (of their choice) into a reality. Over 1000 people have joined the group so the bill is truly crowd-sourced!





Origins of #LBBill

This movement has sprung out of the #Justice for LB campaign. LB is short for "Laughing Boy" who was Connor Sparrowhawk who suffered a preventable death in an Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU) in the bath. His parents thought he was safe.

Connor's mother Sara was interviewed on Newsnight on 4 February 2015:

Newsnight Interview


Connor was one of many adults with learning disabilites trapped in ATUs often miles away form their families. Other people have died or have suffered harm while in ATUs.

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